“severe pain relieved”

I had a back injury previously in high school and every now and then it will flare up. I had pretty severe pain recently and Dr. Hartz helped me tremendously. Within about a week I was feeling better and able to participate in my activities again. Not only is he good at his craft,but he is also a nice guy and enjoyable to talk with.

“highly recommend”

Wonderful Experience! Dr. Hartz is a true professional. I’ve now had four appointments and have improved tremendously. I came in for headaches, neck pain and back pain. He is caring and really wants to help you. He spends a lot of time getting to know about why you are seeking help and treats you according to your needs. The combination of heat, massage and an adjustment is the perfect medicine. … I highly recommend Dr. Hartz because he truly cares about your health and well being.

“thorough, caring”

I have been seeing Dr. Hartz since summer of 2006, after having received chiropractic care regularly since 1997. Dr. Hartz is thorough, caring and professional; he is not interested in the ‘quick fix’ that may have you coming back in a short while later, but rather long-term improved health. He is communicative, willing to work with a patient’s needs instead of a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, and he’s willing to work with your financial/insurance situation so that you get the care you need. So long as I am living in the area, I have no interest in seeing any other chiropractic care providers.